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  • When speed is not only decisive for an athlete.

  • When precision can take you higher.

  • When teamwork is the key to success.

  • When success need to be shared quickly.

  • When stories have to be told.

That is scoopa.

Share video more simply, quickly and economically!

Big data – no problem.

scoopa makes handling and management of large video files more stress-free, economical and secure! Conceived by delivery experts, scoopa is the ideal platform for sharing large amounts of data in a simple way.

With scoopa, the days of satellite transfers, ftp-servers, mountainous hard drives, expensive express deliveries of large amounts of data are over. The limited shelf life of physical data carriers is history.

Find out how the smart data handling of the future feels.

What scoopa can do.

Smart delivery solutions.

Speed, speed, speed

Thanks to efficient and intelligent technology, scoopa is one thing above all else: fast.

Easy to handle

The user interface is easy to operate and allows various administration rights in a practical way.

Maximum security

As a cloud solution, scoopa not only offers a safety net against data loss, but also more security than conventional data transfer processes.

Infinitely scalable

scoopa is not afraid of big data. And if it gets even bigger, that’s no problem either: scoopa is infinitely scalable.

Available any time and anywhere

As a SaaS service, scoopa is available around the clock, worldwide and device-independently.

Total control

scoopa offers lots of clever functions that help you maintain total control over what goes on, from anywhere and at any time.

Try scoopa free of charge!

30-day free trial. Free plan allows up to 20 GB storage and 100 GB traffic. Pay if you need more. Cancel any time. No catches.

How scoopa helps.

Conceived by delivery experts, for delivery experts.

If you are an event organiser, federation, league or media rights agency: perfect

The benefits for content owners

  • You can organise your events/projects simply and give them the required structure
  • You save time and money: the content creators can independently and simply make data available on the platform
  • You are flexible and unshackled in terms of time and space: events can be set up in advance and enabled from anywhere at the touch of a button
  • You always stay in the picture: which recipient downloads what at what time is visible

If you are a TV or film production, post-production or camera team: perfect

The benefits for content creators

  • High-speed uploads and downloads
  • Your data can be directly uploaded onto the media portal in agreement with the content owner
  • No required hardware and software – purely browser-based

These customers have already put their faith in scoopa.

Our smart delivery solution belongs to the here and now.

Perfectly suited to your requirements.

The scoopa packages.


      • Included Highspeed Storage
      • Included Archive Storage
      • Included Traffic (Download)
      • Additional Highspeed Storage**
      • Additional Archive Storage**
      • Additional Outgoing Traffic**
      • Platforms
      • Support
    • Basic

      for small companies and freelancers.

      • Included Highspeed Storage 50 GB
      • Included Archive Storage 2 TB
      • Included Traffic (Download) 1.2 TB/Year
      • Additional Highspeed Storage** 1.25€/GB
      • Additional Archive Storage** 10€/TB
      • Additional Outgoing Traffic** 0.50€/GB
      • Platforms 1
      • Support E-Mail
    • Professional

      for event organisers, federations and production companies

      • Included Highspeed Storage 100 GB
      • Included Archive Storage 5 TB
      • Included Traffic (Download) 4.2 TB/Year
      • Additional Highspeed Storage** 1€/GB
      • Additional Archive Storage** 10€/TB
      • Additional Outgoing Traffic** 0.25€/GB
      • Platforms 1
      • Support E-Mail & Phone
    • Enterprise

      for broadcasters, agencies and large media houses

      • Included Highspeed Storage 200 GB
      • Included Archive Storage 10 TB
      • Included Traffic (Download) 48 TB/Year
      • Additional Highspeed Storage** 0.50€/GB
      • Additional Archive Storage** 10€/TB
      • Additional Outgoing Traffic** 0.20€/GB
      • Platforms unlimited
      • Support E-Mail & Phone 24/7

*Contract Term: 12 Months. Cancellation/renewal: cancellation of subscription needs to be received 3 month before end of period in writing. Otherwise the contract renews for same period.

** Pay-as-you-go on a monthly base. learn more

Try scoopa free of charge!

30-day free trial. Free plan allows up to 20 GB storage and 100 GB traffic. Pay if you need more. Cancel any time. No catches.

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