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The entire scoopa team consists of bright minds and experts from their respective area. Everyone from the management team brings years of experience in broadcast and professional video editing. In addition, all shareholders are successful self-employed in other areas and entrepreneurs who bring the necessary serenity in the daily business life in the young company.

We are all eager to make something big. The development of a completely new way of working with video content - without restrictions despite the file sizes and the decentralized work of today - shaping the future - that's what drives us. We are a small, agile and effective team that continuously develops the platform in close cooperation with our customers. We have a lot of plans ahead - the roadmap is long.

René Alles
Managing Director

René Alles

René is Managing Director and Shareholder. He started at the age of 15 at a local radio station and at the age of 18 at the ARD Sportschau as a sports reporter and filmmaker. In 2004, together with partners, he founded the TV-production company “best boys tv-factory GmbH”, which - in addition to TV shows - also produces sports events all over the world. The first version of the platform called scoopa today was an internal project to distribute video news releases and highlights shows of these sports events faster and easier to TV stations around the globe. After very successful missions in 2015, René decided with Volker to found an own company to market this service.

Volker ansmann
Head of Development

Volker Ansmann

Volker is Managing Director and Shareholder. He is Head of Development for scoopa. He developed the first versions of scoopa all by himself. As a developer and shareholder of the technical service provider dasframe GmbH & Co. KG he has conceived, built and developed various technical solutions in the field of television graphics, video editing and video ingesting. He has always worked in TV production and knows the applications of scoopa from his own experience. In 2015, Volker was a founding partner of best boys media lab GmbH & Co.KG.

marcel alles
Director Sales

Marcel Alles

Marcel is Sales Director and Shareholder at scoopa. After completing his studies, he worked for over 7 years in a management consultancy before joining scoopa in 2017. With his economic background, he complements scoopa's interdisciplinary team with an analytical component. He is the brother of René, one of the founders of scoopa. Marcel holds a degree in Economics from the University of Bonn.

Christian Lüth
Senior Software Architect

Christian Lüth

Christian works as Developer and is a Shareholder. After completing his computer science studies (M.Sc.), he has been programming reporting software for banks for 12 years and has been with scoopa since 2017, where he is responsible, for example, for programming apps and individual platform brandings. Since 2007, he has also been working in TV production in the field of Bundesliga football and thus knows the areas of application of scoopa from his own experience.