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The internet has changed the world. Today everything is online and connected. This provides new possibilities - both privately and in business.

In our daily working life in television production, however, there was little change after the year 2000. In the television productions of sports events, we continued to make satellite playouts or used radiolinks as well as expensive fiber optic cables to send a few video images of an event or football game to the editors of the broadcast partners and tv-stations. That is and was completely ineffective and expensive. If there were any delays in the event itself (e.g. due to bad weather), all schedules and bookings were no longer usable. The first step into the future was using FTP servers to provide content for our partners. However, this requires hardware, software and trained operators.

The owner of the content has no control or protection. And it is always a transfer from A to B. If you wanted to serve many customers, the FTP server mostly could not manage due to performance reasons and the bandwidth via the Internet needed. As a result, the uploads such as downloads of the videos were much too slow.

With these technical restrictions, no event organizer, no sports league but also no company or political party can grow in media perspectives.

We wanted to change that and created the solution to the problem of file delivery and file sharing for broadcast-quality video content with We are firmly convinced that with the increasing internet access not only the private life but also working with professional video content will change extremely. Broadband internet via fiber optic or 5G anywhere and anytime becomes a challenge for today's technical infrastructure that can no longer catch up. is already sustainable.


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“Content has to be available IMMEDIATELY in the best resolution anytime and anywhere - otherwise you will not stand a chance in today's fierce competition for attention and reach and you will be suspended.”

Rene Alles


How it began
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Anyone who uploads one and the same video over and over again to an internet platform to send the same file is ineffective. The founding team around has been working together since 2006 at many major media production events. We were looking for a way to send large files - video files - faster and more effective. The first new thought was, not to transfer files from A to B, but to upload the files only once to the Internet and to make it accessible there on extremely fast servers with extremely large bandwidth for high speed downloads even on very large files with some GB. Share instead of transfer. With the upcoming faster Internet connections (fiber optics but also 4G), the need for technical performance has also increased. Every content needs to be faster and more global accessible. As part of our joint production projects with the production company best boys tv-factory GmbH, we were looking for a solution to our problem. There were and are many providers - but almost all of them are only optimized for Internet-quality videos, they require hardware and/or software, or are very complicated to use. That was not an option for us. In the deliberations on the "Best Case", we also wanted to completely banish the entire complex organizational and administrative part of emails and telephone calls relating to media distribution with videos. Recipients should be automatically notified of new content. The new providers of very large data centers and global networks created the technical infrastructure for us to program the first version of Already at the first use we and our customers were enthusiastic. We were able to deliver much more content much faster with less staff and financial commitment. The costs for our customers have dropped significantly and at the same time the success has multiplied.

Still there was no name scoopa and still the version 1 of the cloudplatform was an internal project of the production company best boys. But we caught the interest of very large global sports rights marketing and production companies - and they really wanted to use our cloud solution. In order to be able to offer our service to third parties, a separate company - best boys media lab GmbH & Co. KG - was founded in 2015 and it was further developed as Software as a Service (SaaS) with an subscription model. The name was found and the customer base grew even before the official start. is already the most widespread solution for the international delivery of television images for major sporting events.

Many sports associations and their production partners as well as TV companies use instead of satellite transmissions and classic file transfers if it is not live.

In 2018, we delivered the feature "Direct Cloud Ingest" ("DCI") for the first time. It allows producers to automatically load video files into their scoopa platform – if you like directly from the Outside Broadcast truck (OB truck).

In 2019, we extended for a better archive function with a cheap way to save all videos in the platform low priced to browse and sift through but only for cheap archival storage to pay. What is uploaded once in scoopa should stay there. For clients archiving of video content is no longer a difference but the same story without more efforts to take.