Release Notes v3.0.0

  • Fix: Redesigned User Profile Area
  • Fix: Decrease Upload-Circle-Size to accommodate smaller screens
  • Fix: Removed wide Sidebar. Icon-Sidebar with Tooltips as Standard
  • Fix: Added Search for Mobile Devices
  • New Feature: Archive: move Files to Archive & restore Files from Archive. For more Information about pricing please click here
  • New Feature: Included Traffic can now be used during the whole Contract Term (1 Year)
  • New Feature: Each new Asset will be charged only once per 30 days
  • New Feature: Account Area for Owner: Dashboard with Current Total, Statistic, Balance, PDF Invoices & Payment Status...
  • New Feature: Account Area for Owner: add, delete, deactivate & reactivate Platforms (Enterprise only)
  • New Feature: Calculate Folder Size by Click on the Calculator Icon
  • New Feature: Show Trash Size in Trash & Admin Dashboard
  • New Feature: New Price Models: Basic | Professional | Enterprise. For more Information please click here

Release-Date: 11.01.2018