Release Notes v5.0

New Rights-Management:

The folder-rights management has been revamped to allow for a more granular solution. In the new version you are able to asign the following rights to users and usergroups:

  • read (user can view the folder and its content and also play the preview)
  • download high-res (user can download the high-res version of all assets in the folder)
  • download low-res (user can download the low-res version of all assets in the folder)
  • upload (user can upload to this folder)
  • manage (user can manage the folder and the files within)

The upload and folder-access views have also been combined into one single matrix to quickly asign all needed rights. You may also mass assign rights with the buttons on the top-right of the matrix.

To quickly get an overview of the different rights we introduced a new color-scheme:

Green = Read-Rights
Yellow = Download High-Res
Blue = Download Low-Res
Red = Manage
White = Upload

Buttons outlined with the corresponding-color indicate that somewhere further down the folder tree one or more folders do have this right set.
Buttons that are greyed out symbolize that this right has been inherited by a user-group and cannot be edited.


  • user-rights have been migrated to the new combination "read + download high-res + download low-res"
  • if a user had upload-rights, these have been migrated 1:1 to the new system.
  • users with the guest role have been migrated to users with the right "read".
  • same goes for user-groups.
  • for proper usage of upload, download or manage-rights it is in most scenarios neccessary to also grant read-rights. This is reflected in the user-interface by auto-selecting the read-right when selecting another right. Although this can be overwritten - pay close attention to this possibility.

Collapsible Folder-Trees in the Rights-View

As you may have noticed in the previous screenshots, the folder tree can now be collapsed to increase the overal visibility and to improve the management of large platforms with many folders.

It is also possible to toggle the whole tree with the new button "toggle collapse".

This feature is available in the "edit-user" and the "edit-usergroup" view.


Rich-Text-Editor for Folder & Files

It is now possible to enrich your folder & file descriptions and copyright-notes with more formating options such as Bold, Inverse, Links, Lists, Headlines. Especially for large texts and information this should help to present your texts in a nicer way.


New "Status" Search-Option

You can extend your search query with the file-status to search for live or archived files (or even use that as the only query parameter).


Improved Search-Result View

The search-result view has been extended to include the full path of the result as well as the status of the file.


Better Overview of Folder-Contents

By clicking the calculator-icon behind a folder or on top of the folder-table you can see how big this folder is and how its contents are composed. You can see at a glance if all the folders contents are archived, empty, live or in a mixed state.


Miscellaneous Updates:

  • File-Edit in the mailbox has been harmonized with the full feature set (full edit including assigment of taxonomies is possible when editing a file in the mailbox)
  • IPTC-Data embedded in images is automatically parsed and presented in the file-view
  • The Auto-Archive function can be enforced so that this setting cannot be overridden by the uploader anymore. This effectively makes sure that all uploads get auto-archived. This also applies to DCI Uploads.