Release Notes v4.0


With scoopa 4.0 we introduced a new section which is called „automations“ where you can create FTP workflows to automatically push new files to FTP-Servers. Please be aware that this feature, although thoroughly tested is considered a "public beta“. Please make sure your FTP-Server can handle the load and provide the necessary speed and connection-limits. Our solution is pretty resilient but can of course only perform as well as the other side allows. The new automation-section provides a convenient place to manage all your workflows and also gives you access to the transfer-logs.



Auto-Login can be used to allow “single users” or “all users” to „click-through“ when receiving a new email from scoopa about a new file without logging in. Meaning that the user does not have to login but get automatically logged in when he clicks the link in the email (valid 3 times). This is useful if user-accounts are not used by a single user but shared across many, which do not always have access to the login-credentials. For example Master Control Rooms, Dispatchers or press mailing list recipients. This feature can be enabled under the “user settings” or under “settings” -> security for the whole platform and is disabled by default.



You can now choose to view a folder in the “list-view” or “grid-view”. In grid-view you will see thumbnails for videos and also for images. You can switch this setting in any folder with the grid and list-icons above the listing. The setting is persistent across user-sessions. We also updated the user and admin-dashboards to show not only the last video-uploads but all the latest uploads including all file-types.