Release Notes v5.1

New: Featured Folders, Manual Notifications | Improvements: Tracking of direct-links

New: Featured Folders

It is possible to pin featured folders on the dashboard in the new section "Featured Folders".
Featured Folders are always displayed in the grid-view-layout and thus make use of the optional folder-icon. If no folder-icon is provided the default icon is used.
Of course only folders for which the user has rights are display in this section. If there are no featured folders available for the user - this section will be hidden completely.

If a folder should be pinned to the dashboard can easily be toggled in the "edit-folder-view".

To quickly see which folders are featured you can look out for the little yellow star-icon. (Only visible for admins or managers). Or you can always visit the dashboard to see all featured folders.

New: Manual Notifications

As there are many usecases where it is beneficial not to send out notifications immediately after upload - we added a new feature to send out notifications manually. You can send notifications for everyone in this folder, for a certain user or for a certain usergroup. This will override user-based notifications settings and enforce the email beeing sent.
This feature is available in the file-view as well as in the folder-view and works for multiselections. (but not for folders). When using this on a file-selection only one mail will be sent out referencing that there are x-number of files available in this folder.

Possible scenarios:
  • Mass upload of images (Slomo-Wipe tiff sequence for example): Disable Notifications in upload-dialog and, when finished, trigger the manual notification. This way possible takers will only get one mail.
  • Re-Send Notifications to certain users or usergroups
  • Re-Send Notifications after a file-move

Improvement: Tracking of Direct-Links

You can now track your direct-links by providing a username (or any suitable text) to each direct-link you create. This username will be reflected in the download-logs and the analyics.