Alternative and automated Ingest Options

Ingest to scoopa can be automated to deliver a seamless experience from the creator to the recipient. Besides our web-uploader and our smartphone-app - you can upload assets directly to an S3 Bucket. We call that DCI (Direct Cloud Ingest).

Getting Started:
You can request access to DCI anytime by getting in contact with us (
A dedicated S3-Bucket will then be created by us and linked to your desired platform.
We will provide you with the necessary credentials.
Possible Connectivity to S3:
You have multiple options to upload your assets to your newly created S3-Bucket:
  • Manual, using a File-Transfer-Application (for example: Cyberduck, Transmit)
    • This is recommended if you need to upload large quantities to scoopa but do not need automations.
    • This is more reliable and comfortable then using the web interface in your browser.
  • Automated, using an intermediate NAS
    • This is recommended for quickly setting up an automation with moderate use of funds.
    • You can sync folders on your NAS (for example Synology) to upload any new files to your S3 Bucket.
    • For Synology DSM we recommend using the built-in „Cloud-Sync“ App.
  • Automated, directly from you EVS-Network
    • By using C-Next, EVS can deliver directly to an S3 Bucket. Alternatively you can use X-File to Push to a local NAS, do
    • File-Renaming and Prefixing and much more.
  • Any other Solution that can connect to S3
Things to consider: 
  • Only Video-Files are being ingested (extension: mxf, mov, avi, mpg, mpeg, mp4, h264, m4v, wmv, ts)
  • You can prefix your files with a scoopa folder-id: 12345_ddmmyy_yourfilename.mxf
    You can find the folder-id by browsing to your desired scoopa-folder with any web-browser, the id is the last part of the url following „/folder/12345
  • It is also possible to Ingest directly to the archive (Different, Cheaper Price Point at 0,2€/GB) by prefixing the file with „dta__“ (<- 2 underscores).
    So a combination of dta__folder-id_yourfilename.mxf also works.
  • If you do not prefix the file - it’s also fine. These files we be ingested to the admins mailbox in scoopa so that the admins can move it to the right place.
    (this is also the case if a folder-id is provided but cannot be found in scoopa)
  • Folder structures on your S3-Bucket are NOT supported. Make sure to only upload files to the root of the bucket. 
  • Files in Folders will be ignored.
  • Incomplete Uploads (Multipart) as well as successful uploads will be purged from the bucket after 24h. So make sure to keep track of your uploads on your end. (for example: the built in „Cloud Sync“ App on Synology NAS does this for you.)
  • Files with the same size and filename will not be ingested again and ignored by scoopa if they have been previously ingested