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Speed, speed, speed

High-Performance worldwide Server NetworkResume started uploads Automated notifications


Easy to handle

Everybody can use scoopa immediatly. You do not need any hard- or software – just internet-access. Previews will be rendered by the platform itself out of high-res-files


Maximum security

scoopa not only offers a safety net against data loss, but also more security than conventional data transfer processes Stored on 3 servers European Dataprotection Redundant Power Supplies



unlimited storage and highest internet-bandwith to/from our datacenters Worldwide Transfer Acceleration Files of any size Future proof: Any video-format (e.g. 8K)


Available anytime and anywhere

As a SaaS service, scoopa is available around the clock, worldwide and device-independently  24/7


Total Control

Files can be tagged and logged. Advanced Search functions Administrators can see all access, previews, up- and downloads by timestamp per User

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