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Speed, speed, speed

scoopa uses the worldwide operating high-performance server network from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Already started uploads can be resumed in case of interruption. Users are automatically notified about the availability of new content.


Easy to handle

Everybody can use scoopa immediately. You do not need any hard- or software – just internet-access. Previews will be rendered out of high-res-files itself .


Maximum security

scoopa not only offers a safety net against data loss, but also more security than conventional data transfer processes. For example, the content is stored on 3 different servers with redundant power supplies. Last but not least, scoopa meets the requirements of the European Dataprotection.



scoopa offers you unlimited storage and highest internet-bandwith to/from our datacenters as well as Worldwide Transfer Acceleration from files of any size. Beyond that, scoopa is future proof: our system accepts any video-format (e.g. 8K).


Available anytime and anywhere

As a SaaS (Software as a Service), scoopa is available worldwide and device-independently  24/7.


Total control

Files can be tagged and logged. Users can avail many helpful advanced search functions (e.g. 'taxonomies'). Furthermore Administrators can see all access, previews, up- and downloads by timestamp per User.

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