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11 reasons why cloud is the future

by Rene Alles, 1 min. read
Rene Alles

Learn more about saving time, effort and money when distributing broadcast video content from events to media partners in the world.


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If you have to store data the cloud is the only solution in long term:


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  1. The cloud service is immediately available to use. With most SaaS firm ("Software as a Service") you can open an account on their website within seconds. And often there are free trials to test the service. Try this with platforms and developers who create your own individual solution...
  2. The cloud reduces costs. Especially if you count together all related costs for local servers, power supply, air conditioning, it-personnel and of course you need to replace the hardware as well as the software after some years. With SaaS ("Software as a Service") you pay a monthly or yearly amount for the subscription and you have always up to date solutions and services
  3. The cloud provides the data and information for everyone at the same level
  4. The cloud saves time
  5. The cloud simplifies workflows and processes
  6. Everyone has access to the cloud at any time from anywhere in the world
  7. No required hardware and software, purely browser-based
  8. The cloud always provides as much resources as needed
  9. The cloud service provider takes care of the hardware, operation and updates
  10. The cloud service provider invents new features from the feedback of all customers
  11. Profit from processes and workflows of other market participants

Tip: The cloud is very helpful for all data and documents. When it comes to video, there are additional challenges, too. You need an optimized solution and workflow for these very large files and the limitations that come with them. But if you have them, you can save enormous costs.


Please hint: This is is one of the reasons why we created our powerful software-solution for the challenge of uploading video files.


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