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Why scoopa?

scoopa is the easy, fast and cost-effective way to store large media files in the cloud and make them accessible to any user at any time. scoopa provides "High Performance Servers" at the German Amazon AWS data center (Frankfurt) and at the same time the complete global AWS infrastructure for the delivery of the data. Up- & downloads are extremely fast - no matter from or to where data somebody sent. The Media Asset Management (MAM) provides full control over the assets: easy management of files, folders and access rights. scoopa is largely automated, e.g. users are notified automatically as soon as the assigned content is provided by the operator. scoopa also offers a future-proof and priceoriented way of archiving in the cloud.


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What is my benefit of scoopa?

  1. I can save money: scoopa can replace all traditional distribution channels for non-live content while significantly reducing costs such as transmission costs (satellite & fiber), FTP servers, hard disks, USB sticks, courier charges and last but not least costs for the process and personnel as such. With scoopa I can quickly build my own Media Asset Management and I still do not have to worry about IT investments or operations.
  2. I can save time: The times for up- and downloads are significantly reduced. I can give access to my assets with only a tick in a box (also from a smartphone).
  3. I offer my customers a better service: scoopa is available 24/7. Various video codecs can be generated automatically. scoopa offers metadata, search functions like taxonomies, preview videos etc.
  4. I have control: scoopa shows me who, when and what has been done on the platform. And I can be sure that the data are safely stored...